Sunday, 18 April, 2010

40,000 lifes were under threat!

The headlines in all the news channels today is the Bomb blast in Chinna swamy stadium!

This is what happened…

There were around 40,000 people inside the stadium when the blast occurred.

One police official said that people doesn’t need to panic. Everything is under control. The match will start shortly. The police men will do the thorough check before the start of the match.

After one hour delay, the match started. Everyone was happy.

I have few questions in my mind…

 Why did not the officials called off the match?

 What is the necessary to continue the match by risking the life of more than 40000 public?

 As police official said, bomb squad screened the stadium. But, how can one do the search operation in the crowd. They should have evacuated the stadium carefully before do the search operation, shouldn’t they?

There is possibility that the people will panic if they were asked to evacuate the stadium. This would have resulted chaos and stampede at the gate. Considering this only, the police didn’t opt this, I guess. But, what would have happened if they found any bombs in the stadium? That is more risky than the stampede, I think!

Last year, congress president Mrs.Sonia Gandhi visited my company to inaugurate one new building. The previous night, the entire campus was evacuated and bomb squad did the thorough check. Morning, all the vehicles were parked in the identified parking place outside the campus. All the employees were screened before entering the office campus.
Just for one person, of course for VVVIP, the entire campus was evacuated. Yesterday, over 40,000 people were there in the stadium. For the safety of everyone, police didn't evacuate the stadium. They didn't stop the game.  Instead, in a hour delay, the match was started.  It is practically impossible to screen the entire ground in one hour. That too when 40000 people are occuping the seat, it is never easy to search.  And, I don't think the bomb squad is well equipped to search the ground in one hour.  Then, why did they start the game so quick?  First of all, why did they conduct the game?
Of course, security was tighten up after the blast. More police personnel were put up in the stadium. They should have done something to ensure the safety of the public in the stadium. After all, they are the trained professionals. That is why they allowed the match to continue.  But, I couldn't understand what they did…  atleast do you?